trauma focused therapy for emotional balance

Jessica Lister, LCSW, RYT

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My name is Jessica, I'm a licensed psychotherapist and registered yoga teacher in San Diego. I believe in people and in their ability to heal and grow. The intention of my practice is to work closely with clients to create a felt sense of stability and freedom in everyday life. I work with adults that are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety related to complex and acute trauma. About >>


therapy services

I offer 50-60 minute therapeutic sessions for individual adults who are motivated to explore their unique world and promote greater balance and connection in their lives.

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what is integrative therapy?

My approach combines traditional psychotherapy with restorative yoga, meditation, and pranayama (working with the breath).

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trauma in therapy

To heal from psychological or emotional trauma, we often need to work with a trained professional to process the discomfort we’ve become very skilled at avoiding.

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at some point you begin to enjoy sitting with yourself and observing your own thoughts and sensations. for me, this is the root of self-love.


“As I often tell my students, the two most important phrases in therapy, as in yoga, are ‘notice that’ and ‘what happens next’? Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.”



we have everything that we need..

.. some outside tricks to help us tune into our own very resourced selves

..this is the intention of my work. to offer a space (drishti!) in which individuals can focus on understanding their moods more fully and tuning into their innate resources through processing and releasing energy and experiences that are no longer serving them.