My name is Jessica, I'm a licensed psychotherapist and registered yoga teacher in San Diego. I believe in people and in their ability to heal and grow. The intention of my practice is to allow you to gain stability and freedom in your everyday life; creating a space in which you are able to invest in your well-being, and explore your world to work towards greater balance and connection. I work with adults that are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety; fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping, restlessness, social isolation, difficulty concentrating, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, hoplessness, panic attacks, lack of motivation, loss of energy, etc. These are all signs that something in your life needs to shift. You may have tried to make changes on your own without much success. My approach works to identify and address the root of these symptoms so you are able to find a sense of control and peace. Absolutely no yoga or meditation experience necessary! Please contact me for a free consultation to learn more about how holistic therapy can work for you.


areas of specialization

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • trauma

  • intimacy

  • aging

As I often tell my students, the two most important phrases in therapy, as in yoga, are ‘notice that’ and ‘what happens next?’ Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.
— Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score