Drishti Integrative Therapy
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who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes
— carl jung


Psychotherapy has often been stigmatized; seen as a treatment reserved for those who are weak or seriously ill. However, this idea is becoming antiquated as mental health is now being recognized as an important part of our health care. As our worlds have become overstimulating and stressful, we're learning the value of processing and building on our desires to promote satisfaction. Ultimately, a modern therapy session is a collaborative opportunity to process, problem solve and design your future with intention and purpose.

I work from a humanistic/existential perspective, building on person-centered strengths to help clients attune to their innate resources. With this approach, psychotherapy moves away from an authoritative model and towards a team approach in which self-awareness and growth are the primary goals to achieving greater meaning and connection. I strive to create sessions based in curiosity and exploration, and will utilize compassionate inquiry to help you understand destructive and/or adaptive patterns that may be holding you back. This work is both challenging and liberating.

 My offerings are listed below. Please contact me for a brief consultation to learn more.

individual sessions

For adults and older adults struggling with depression, anxiety, and intimacy. Sessions are personalized based on your unique needs and goals.

couples sessions

For new and seasoned couples alike, designed to build strength and connection for improved interpersonal relationships.

premarital retreat

A completely unique experience! Take a break from planning and turn towards your partner for a truly bonding and powerful retreat. An opportunity to reconnect in the midst of a stressful time and re-balance your collective energy. Offerings may include yoga, couples meditation, stress management, intention setting, and massage.

My approach is rooted in a few psychological theories and modalities. Click below to learn more.