I'm blogging?!

If you know me, you know that this is not really my scene. However, over the past years I've started to embrace further the importance of exchanging information and knowledge openly, and working on processing my worry about criticism and judgment. This has been powerful work for me. As I am very much a one-on-one, having-conversation-in-person-type-of-person, sharing information online feels particularly odd to me. However, just as I embrace and encourage the idea of stretching outside of your comfort zone for clients, I'm hoping to do a little of that here for myself. In my opinion, it's important that your therapist is professional and skillful. It's also important for them to be human and for you to grow a connection with them. I hope this can function as a space for me to share interests regarding many topics (health, wellness, yoga, mental health, relationships, etc.) so that you can better understand the growing field of holistic psychotherapy and my take on it. Thank you for reading:)

you're not crazy