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I'm very fiery about psychotherapy not being included in the wellness world. I see this gap being bridged (YAY!) and I'm happy to be part of that movement.

Our good health, typically, is viewed as the absence of problems. The growing wellness field has embraced the idea of living well and thriving as a preventative health model. A focus on joy and pleasure (rather than simply working to avoid bad health) has allowed many healers more space to share their gifts with the world and to shift our cultural perspective. This is an amazing movement. And often misunderstood. Wellness doesn't have to mean sitting quiet in meditation, or doing yoga, or eating a vegan diet. While that may be wellness for some, for many of us, this picture is intimidating and may feel inauthentic. Wellness at it's core is what makes you feel alive and well. Maybe that's through creativity or intensity, maybe you don't need calming energy that is typically (and incorrectly!) associated with meditation. Maybe you need stimulation or a personal mix of many things. Psychotherapy, more than anything, is an opportunity to move towards your truest version of wellness. We are constantly growing and changing. Sitting in session with an objective and skilled therapist allows you to reflect on your life as it stands now and determine if there are aspects of your life you may benefit from paying more (or less!) focused attention to. Doing so with an objective person allows you to stay accountable to your goals and to remove your blinders (aka those wonderful habits and behaviors we all have that keep us stuck). This is something that I feel psychotherapy can seriously add to the wellness field. To me, this is the root of wellness. In fact, it's a long term investment in your wellness. Imagine the amount of money to be saved on massages once you learn what's actually causing those stress knots in your back!

(Disclaimer, I love massage and believe massage therapists to be supremely talented and worth every penny)

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