to unite, or peacefully reconnect the body and mind

Our bodies hold great wisdom and insight into our complex inner world. Yoga allows us to use our physical body to access, process, and heal our emotional body. Practicing yoga encourages us to find balance and flexibility both physically and mentally, with an emphasis on accepting our present state and inviting growth and change. Consistent yoga is a path of self-inquiry. Through this inquiry, we begin to be more attuned to our strengths and limitations and how to best honor and navigate these qualities to optimize our quality of life. 

If you'd like to incorporate yoga into psychotherapy with me, you can expect that our sessions together include a very slow, gentle practice. This integration is not meant to be a workout but an exercise in connection and an opportunity to focus inward.

Amy Weintraub and the LifeForce Yoga team have developed an evidence-based program for the use of yoga and meditation in a clinical setting. Click here to explore free resources and learn more about specific strategies and benefits. I have trained with lifeforce yoga and use many of their techniques in my clinical practice. check out the site below for more information.

lifeforce yoga